Wedding Package Overview

Thank you!

... for taking the interest in my work and huge Congratulations on your big day, if you are getting married! If you clicked on this page, I would assume that you are looking for further details in regards with my service. I completely understand that preparing for a wedding can costs a lot of money and with hair and makeup as part of the expense, my service rates are definitely at a budget-friendly rate.

Below is my wedding overview, please take your time to read through and do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions in your mind that I wasn't able to cover here. I am looking forward to hearing from you :)

Bridal Service

Let's plan your look together for your big day!!


Let's meet up! I'd like to get to know you and for you to know me as well. We can discuss quickly what kind of look you are visioning for your wedding. Other 'girly' details such as skin type, allergies I need to be concern about. How many of your guests might need the service? Is another artist required for your day? What time you and your party have to be done? And the most important, let's set the date for your trial. Think of this day as the ice breaker as well. :)


Based on what we have discussed during our pre-consultation, the trial can either happen in my location, or yours. If I am doing all of it, or if I am bringing a hair artist. But nonetheless, this session could last from 2-3 hours. I would urge for you to be honest and inform me right then and there if there's something you would like to change. I would like to nail it down to the tip of your hair. Just bring yourself and your clean, beautiful face. :)

Bridal Party / Family

Let me and my team help your party get ready for the big day.


Trial is definitely available as well for your party, if you wish for it. And, we can definitely set a date for it as well.



Depending on the hair condition (length, volume, character) of your guest, styling might take about 30 - 60 minutes.  The desired style of your guest determines how long it will take for us to execute it. Submitting inspirational photo will definitely help us to be more time efficient. And yes, we can definitely put the hair accessory for your guest too :)


The same with hair styling, this will also take about 40 - 50 minutes. I always opt for a strip lash for time efficiency. Submitting inspiration photo as well will help us determine how long makeup will be executed.

Further details.....

Basic details...


To reserve your date for your big day, 50% deposit is required upon signing of contract, which will take place during pre-consulation. And, balance is due at least 48 hrs prior of your service. If you have a big party , one invoice will be issued for you and your party. Deposit and balance will be calculated as a whole.

Trial sessions will be invoiced separately and requires deposit to book the date and balance is due towards the end of the session.


I am more than willing to travel to your location, or I can host a trial session in my location too. Travel fee is $0.59/km round trip from my location (Burnaby) to your prep site. If two (2) artist is required, travel rate will be multiplied twice as well. If a parking fee is required in your prep location, I will submit the parking ticket to you for reimbursement.

NEXT STEP . . . 

Send me a quick email and find out the cost for you and your party. If, after we have exchanged emails and you find that I will be a good fit for your big day, let's talk over phone to set up a pre-consultation date.