"How do I book an appointment with you?"

You can definitely send me an email or hit the 'GET A QUOTE'. I prefer emails just so we have a thread that both parties can retrieve.

Once both parties agreed with a date, 50% deposit is required to secure the date and contract must be fully signed.

EFT or cheque is the only payment method I accept at the moment.

"Is the deposit refundable?"

Yes, it is refundable. As long as enough notice is given. 4 weeks prior to Wedding and 2 weeks prior to non-wedding events.

Do you do a trial prior to wedding events?

Yes, trials are not mandatory, but highly recommended. Trials are the best way for you to let me know what you are looking for on your special event. I highly recommend as well to do trials in the morning and wear the makeup all day. This is for you to gauge how long the make up will lasts and how it will look throughout the day as well. 

With this being said, please consider booking a separate session for your engagement sessions. Engagement sessions has completely different vibe and theme compared to your Big Day, UNLESS your intention is to look the same on your Engagement & Wedding Day. 


Engagement sessions are usually revealed before your Big Day, and you would want to create 'mystery' of how your final look will be on your Wedding Day.

Both Trials or Engagements can be performed in your location or mine (Burnaby -- close to Metrotown area). The only difference on pricing is the travel fee.

"If want to do a trial first and later on decides to avail the Bridal Package,

will I still get it?"

The package will be available after 2 weeks of doing the trial.

Trial must be paid in full after the service and if you decide to avail the package, the amount you paid for the trial will be deducted from the package.

"How long the service takes?"

2 - 3 hours depending on the style you desire. This goes for your Trial, Engagement or Wedding Day. I usually submit a time line once all details are supplied.

If there's a big party, I usually have assistants to come with me and take care of your party.

Do you rent hair extensions or hair accessories?

Unfortunately, I do not rent out hair extensions nor hair accessories. I can recommend some vendors who does it but, you will have to do your own inquiry about it.

"Do you do airbrush?"

While I have the equipment for it, I am not exposed in this technique. I still prefer the traditional way of makeup application, which is by brush. 

Basic and common questions